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ENPULY Water Dental Flosser for Teeth

ENPULY Water Dental Flosser for Teeth

This ENPULY dental irrigator is designed to complement traditional brushing, providing a deeper and more effective cleaning in hard-to-reach areas. It uses high-pressure water pulsations to remove debris and bacteria, thus improving oral health and reducing the risk of gum diseases.

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How to use it?

Press the mode switch to select the mode that suits you. Then the start Power -on Button to start spray.

Ultra-fine 0.6mm replacement Jet

5 different kinds of 360°rotated nozzle to reach all area of the mouth.

Easy to refill&clean

200ml Detachable water tank is easy to clean.At the same time, it is convenient to fill water.

5 Cleanning Modes

Intense, Normal, Medium, Sensitive, Pulse which can meet various oral needs

(60 psi to 140 psi working water pressure with standard nozzles.)

Long Battery Life

2000ml Large capacity battery provides 30-40 days,Fully charged within 4 hours.

Light and Portable

Which makes it easier to carry and also meet the daily needs of home use, business trip use and travel use.

Features of ENPULY Water Dental Flosser for Teeth

  • It uses water pressure to clean the teeth and gums.
  • It offers different adjustable pressure levels.
  • It includes interchangeable nozzles to suit different needs.
  • It features a removable and rechargeable water reservoir.
  • It has a portable and user-friendly design.

Advantages and disadvantages of the ENPULY Water Dental Flosser for Teeth

✓ Advantages

  • Helps effectively remove food debris and plaque from the teeth and gums.
  • Improves oral health and prevents periodontal diseases.
  • Provides a deep and refreshing cleaning in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Easy to use and convenient to carry, ideal for home and travel use.
  • Allows adjusting the water pressure according to individual needs.

✘ Disadvantages

  • May require some time to get used to the sensation of water pressure.
  • Requires refilling and emptying the water reservoir periodically.
  • Some models may have limited battery life.
  • Requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance.
  • Some individuals may experience dental sensitivity when using it at higher pressure settings.

Benefits of the ENPULY Water Dental Flosser for Teeth

  • 5 Cleaning Modes & one-button Boost function: Intense, Normal, Medium, Sensitive, Pulse. It provides 1,400 high pressure water pulses per minute to remove 99.99% of deep food debris, effectively massage the gums and promote blood circulation.It is best to choose the sensitive mode for beginners. In normal, medium and sensitive modes, the water pressure will be stronger if the mode button is pressed and held continuously.
  • Travel Companion: The water flosser is designed with a 2000mAh battery, which provides a long battery life of about 30-40 days when used twice a day, and a full charge can last up to 4 hours.Comes with a USB charging, you can charge it through a charging adapter, power bank or laptop.
  • Detachable Water Tank &360° Rotatable Nozzle: ENPULY cordless water flosser 200ml water tank can satisfy one oral cleaning. Equipped with 5 nozzles with interchangeable nozzle fittings that rotate 360° during use, which facilitates cleaning between crevices that are difficult to clean with a regular toothbrush.
  • IPX7 Waterproof &5 Nozzles: IPX7 waterproof protection design allows you to use in the shower. The water picks for teeth cleaning offer 2*Stard Nozzle, 1*Orthodontic Nozzle, 1*Periodontal Nozzle and 1*Tongue Nozzle. Each family member can have their own nozzle for hygienic reasons. Nozzles are easy to change, just press a button on the top and they slide in/out
  • Customer Service: We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, 15-month exchange guarantee and 24-hour support so you can make your decision with ease and confidence

How to use the ENPULY Water Dental Flosser for Teeth

What do users think about the ENPULY Water Dental Flosser for Teeth?

5/5 ★★★★★
Highly recommended. I have been using it for almost a month and I absolutely love it. Great battery life too.

5/5 ★★★★★
The only drawback I see is the size of the reservoir, but not really that big of a deal. Just need to refill when empty and continue cleaning. This unit is a lot easier to use and takes up a lot less counter space then my wife’s water pick. Also, the battery charge lasts a long time.

Final evaluation of the ENPULY Water Dental Flosser for Teeth

ENPULY Water Dental Flosser for Teeth offers an effective alternative to traditional flossing, providing a deep and refreshing cleaning in hard-to-reach areas. However, it is advisable to consult a dentist to determine if it is suitable for your particular case and to follow the instructions for use and maintenance provided by the manufacturer.


What is a dental irrigator and what is it used for?

A dental irrigator is a device that uses a stream of pressurized water to clean the interdental spaces and hard-to-reach areas in the mouth. It is used as a complement to traditional brushing and flossing, and helps to remove food debris and bacterial plaque.

How does the ENPULY Water Dental Flosser work

The ENPULY Water Dental Flosser works by generating a stream of pressurized water that is directed to the interdental spaces and gums. This helps to remove food debris and bacterial plaque, providing a deep and refreshing cleaning.