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Oral-B Oxyjet Dental Hydro Pulser

Oral-B Oxyjet Dental Hydro Pulser

Oral-B Oxyjet Dental Hydro Pulser is a dental irrigator, designed to improve oral hygiene by delivering a pulsating jet of water that helps remove plaque and debris from hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. Oxyjet technology enhances the cleaning action by mixing air and water to create micro-bubbles, which help to gently massage the gums and provide a refreshing sensation.

Product Brand: Oral-B

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 169

Price Valid Until: 2023-12-31

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Features of the Oral-B Oxyjet Dental Hydro Pulser

A unique model that utilizes Oral-B‘s exclusive Oxyjet technology and also includes all of these features:

  • Oxyjet technology: water enriched with microbubbles enhances the cleaning action
  • On-demand mode: pulse setting for precise cleaning
  • 2 intensities: Adjust cleaning with normal or sensitive water pressure
  • 2 jets: choose a concentrated or rotating water jet
  • This product contains 1x Oral-B – Aquacare power pump with Oxyjet technology – 1 piece

Benefits of Oral-B Oxyjet Dental Hydro Pulser

Brushing alone is not always sufficient to maintain healthy gums, but the Oral-B Oxyjet Dental Hydro Pulser effectively cleans and massages them. Thanks to its microbubble technology, this device can eliminate harmful bacteria and thoroughly clean below the gumline. Additionally, it can gently remove food debris in specific areas, offering a personalized cleaning experience with its jet and adjustable pressure control functions. This device is designed to provide a sensation of cleanliness and freshness and can be used with or without mouthwash, making it an ideal complement to daily brushing.

Why does the Oral-B Oxyjet Dental Hydro Pulser have that price?

It stands out from its competition by utilizing the Oxyjet technology, which enriches the water with microbubbles that create a pleasant massaging sensation on the gums.

All of this is made possible thanks to the nozzle, which features a slightly smaller tip, facilitating the release of these bubbles. Additionally, it allows for adjusting the water pressure according to the user’s needs.

A comprehensive device in itself: while it cleanses the teeth, it massages the gums to keep them strong and healthy, preventing issues such as gum bleeding or tartar buildup.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Oral-B Oxyjet Dental Hydro Pulser

✓ Advantages

  • Effective cleaning: Thanks to its microbubble technology, the Oral-B Oxyjet Dental Hydro Pulser thoroughly cleans the gums and eliminates harmful bacteria.
  • Gentle massage: This device not only cleans but also massages the gums, promoting better oral health.
  • Removal of food debris: The Oxyjet can gently remove food debris in specific areas, providing a refreshing sensation in the mouth.
  • Customizable features: With its options for jet intensity and adjustable water pressure, the Oxyjet allows for tailoring the cleaning experience to individual user needs.
  • Ideal complement to daily brushing: It can be used alongside regular brushing and mouthwash, providing comprehensive oral care.

✘ Disadvantages

  • Cost: The price of the Oxyjet irrigator may be higher compared to other models available in the market.
  • Maintenance required: It is important to follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions for the Oxyjet to ensure its optimal long-term functioning.
  • Initial adaptation: Some users may require an initial adaptation period to get used to using the irrigator and master the proper techniques for efficient use.

How to use Oral-B Oxyjet Dental Hydro Pulser

Fill the water reservoir: Remove the water reservoir from the irrigator and fill it with warm water. You can add mouthwash if desired, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Attach the appropriate nozzle: Select the nozzle that suits your needs and attach it to the device. Ensure it is securely and properly attached.

Adjust the water pressure: Choose a comfortable water pressure level. You can adjust it by rotating the dial or pressing the corresponding buttons, depending on the irrigator model.

Start the water flow: Turn on the irrigator and let the water begin to flow. Begin with the back areas of the mouth and move towards the teeth and gums, moving the nozzle slowly.

Follow a cleaning pattern: Follow a cleaning pattern, guiding the nozzle across each tooth and interdental space. Make sure to cover all areas of the mouth for a thorough cleaning.

Rinse and clean: After using the irrigator, rinse your mouth with water to remove any residue. Clean the nozzle and device according to the manufacturer’s instructions to keep it in good condition.

Oral-B Oxyjet Dental Hydro Pulser

User reviews about the Oral-B Oxyjet Dental Hydro Pulser.

Review 5/5 ★★★★☆
I like it because it’s easy to use and it completes oral hygiene. Especially when you have more space between your teeth and gums or if you have a bridge. It’s perfect.

Review 3/5 ★★★★☆
It cleans well, removes food debris, but I expected it to have a bit more power. But still, it’s great for me. Very satisfied.

Review 1/5 ★★★★☆
It worked properly for about 1 year, but after that, air started coming out along with the water, until yesterday when it was practically 80% air and 20% water.

Final evaluation of Oral-B Oxyjet Dental Hydro Pulser

Oral-B Oxyjet Dental Hydro Pulser receives a high rating for its outstanding performance in maintaining optimal oral hygiene. This device utilizes advanced microbubble technology to deliver a thorough cleaning and effectively eliminate harmful bacteria. It also provides gentle gum massage, promoting improved oral health. Furthermore, its ability to target specific areas and the customizable features, such as adjustable water pressure and jet settings, make it a versatile and adaptable choice for individual needs. Overall, Oral-B Oxyjet Dental Hydro Pulser is highly recommended for its exceptional performance and contribution to a complete oral care routine.


How does the microbubble technology of Oral-B Oxyjet Dental Hydro Pulser work?

The microbubble technology of Oral-B Oxyjet Dental Hydro Pulser combines water and air to create a stream of microbubbles. These microbubbles have the ability to reach hard-to-reach areas such as below the gumline and provide a deep and effective cleaning. The microbubbles help eliminate harmful bacteria and food residues, thus contributing to maintaining healthy gums.

What are the advantages of using Oral-B Oxyjet Dental Hydro Pulser compared to traditional brushing?

Oral-B Oxyjet Dental Hydro Pulser provides a more thorough and deep cleaning than traditional brushing, reaching hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, it gently massages the gums and helps eliminate bacteria and food residues. It is customizable with adjustable jet and pressure control functions and can be used with or without mouthwash.